Fast. Simple. Powerful.

Concertal™ Systems, Inc. provides the semiconductor industry’s first practical System Design Automation (SDA) solution capable of generating and verifying highly complex SoC designs from reusable IP in minutes, rather than months.

Building and simulating new highly flexible designs with Concertal’s web-based SDA technology requires little or no specialized IC design knowledge to get started, opening high level SoC design to a completely new audience and market, empowering customers to define and drive the innovative differentiating new products they need to succeed.

Concertal SDA based designs work with IP interactions and relationships at the highest level in the most powerful way, paving the path for verification driven optimization of new designs. With over 25% of new designs now containing over 50 million gates and system operational complexities continuing grow, SDA provides a solution for dealing with the problem of out-of-control design and verification costs due to these complexities.

Concertal Systems – the next movement in SoC design!