Bob Ledzius


Bob is Chairman/CEO and Founder of Concertal™ Systems, Inc. Throughout his 30+ year career serving ​the systems and semiconductor industry, Bob has developed and matured his vision of simplifying and automating the development of robust and flexible complex systems. ​​

Attesting to his ability to gain pragmatic results in pursuit of innovative and strategic goals are 17 issued or pending patents, Motorola’s Distinguished Innovator award, founding of QuickFlex, Inc. and development of cutting edge technology used by NASA on the ISS, and establishing the digital audio product portfolio for Maxim Integrated Products.

​Bob has spearheaded Concertal Systems through bringing together great technical contributors to demonstrate what many in the industry think is an impossibly difficult task. The goal of Concertal Systems, Inc. is to automate the generation and verification of highly complex SoCs designs without requiring teams of in-house IC experts. His vision for this advanced capability is to bring the semiconductor industry together in powerful and collaborative ways, expanding continued progress into the next frontier of advancements.



Doug Aitelli


Doug is Worldwide Sales and Business Development Director for Concertal Systems, Inc. With over 30 years of experience in sales, executive management, and strategic account development, Doug’s deep background in various aspects of systems design brings a wealth of experience in delivering the company’s cutting edge System Design Automation technology to market.

Doug has held previous leadership positions of Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Atrenta Inc, CEO at Calypto Design Systems, and Vice President of Sales at Calypto Design Systems. He has also served as a Director of Global Accounts for both Magma Design Automation, Inc. and Synopsys, Inc., as well as various sales and technical roles at Quickturn Design Systems, Racal-Redac, HHB Systems, Computervision, and Control Data. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University, College of Engineering.




Rob Stoddard


Rob, Software Design Director for Concertal Systems, Inc., has demonstrated his expertise in developing and delivering a wide range of ‘hardware-smart’ software solutions for a broad range of platforms and markets over the last decade. His reputation of successfully taking on difficult development tasks head-on has earned him the honored title of “The Wizard”.

 Improving software development processes, security, automation, and time-to-market problems are important themes that run through Rob’s career. He was instrumental in improving and training Motorola’s Mobility group’s shift from a manual to an automated code control system, semi-automating Texas Instruments high-performance EVM firmware development cycles, and creating methods for reducing the effort required for FPGA based validation of new designs from weeks to hours.

 Rob joined Concertal Systems at its founding because he realized the need to automate the chip design process, and streamline the benefits of automation through all aspects of the IC design flow.



Shalini Batra Sahni


Shalini, Digital Design Director for Concertal Systems, Inc., has served the software services automation and semiconductor design industries for the past 13 years. She has a unique combination of abilities to think outside the box in bringing automation into the next generation of verification-driven design for SoC development, and she engages passionately towards a solution-oriented approach.  

 Winning numerous accolades at both the university and professional levels, Shalini has demonstrated her abilities to be a true technical performer. Her views on the benefits of service automation were formed early in her career while working as a software engineer with IBM Global Business Services and ePsolutions Inc. Her full ASIC front to back-end design skills were then developed while working as an IC design engineer at Maxim Integrated and Microchip Technology, but her foundational views often prompted her to ask, “Why does the hardware industry lag so far behind the software industry in terms of automation?” Having experience in both hardware and software, she plans to take the best of two worlds and, through Concertal Systems, bring automation to the semiconductor industry.



Greg Hupp


Greg is the Systems Applications Director of Concertal Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of experience in design and support positions in the semiconductor industry including a system-design patent, Greg has broad insight into electronic systems hurdles and development challenges.  His experience includes both hardware and software within power, audio, data converters, digital, and embedded systems.  He has designed a system hardware/software solution enabling digital designers to provide flexibility to demonstrate, validate, and verify designs before they are realized in silicon.

Through his experience with the global electronics market, Greg realizes that increased flexibility and decreased time to market are critically important to successful business growth.  His contributions to develop technology at Concertal Systems will offer an incredibly powerful tool in providing the rapid design response in addition to addressing the increased complexity of designs. His whole system view and accumulated experience uniquely equips him with the skills necessary to create successful and innovative products and solutions that drive the electronics industry forward.



JD Tidwell


JD is the Director of Operations and Finance for Concertal Systems, Inc.  Through 20 years of financial, analytical, and operational roles in the financial services industry, JD has uniquely combined the knowledge of multiple disciplines and detailed research to deliver actionable business process improvement initiatives.  During his tenure at Nationstar Mortgage, the servicing portfolio was established and grew through acquisitions and organic channels to be the second largest mortgage servicer in the U.S. with over $500b in receivables and 3 million customers.

Initially leading FP&A efforts, JD learned the importance of cultivating cross-functional alliances to create a collaborative environment where Finance and Operations worked together, sharing the knowledge of their respective disciplines.  He led the creation of financial systems and analytical platforms which projected P&L results, and monitored operational performance of the portfolio.

JD joined Concertal Systems as the company is launching their groundbreaking SDA technology and ecosystem.  He will draw on his experience to ensure operational success through platform support and the financial management of revenue growth and funding needs.