Concept to RTL - Silicon Better and Faster

Meeting the challenges of today's fast-paced, competitive market, is critical to product and business success. In order to attain these goals, traditional methodologies must be revised, barriers to development removed, and new alternatives embraced.

Concertal Systems provides design process management from Concept to RTL - managing IPMs, maintaining build and configuration files, and building flexible designs with our unique interconnect technology. Automating the normal design process, our technology makes designs easier & quicker and enables your resources to focus on new innovations and verification efforts. Whatever your company size and market - IoT, consumer, industrial, automotive, defense - IntelliConX™ and Orchestrate provide the edge needed for successful new products.

  • Cut Development Costs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Reduce Project Risk
  • Integration Automation
  • Configurable/Flexible Designs
  • Leverage IP Reuse

IntelliConX iconIntelliConX™

IntelliConX™ design fabric is the foundation for a new way to construct your next FPGA, ASIC, or SoC design. IntelliConX™ allows the integration of intellectual property modules (IPMs) for flexible, rapid system designs.

  • Low gate count framework for area-efficient designs
  • Complete device system monitoring
  • Rapid design and design modification
  • Simplicity of design modification and update with the latest modules
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IntelliConX, a new generation of interconnect
Orchestrate, system design automation is here

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Orchestrate iconOrchestrate

Orchestrate design software utilizes IntelliConX™ design fabric to generate and simulate new designs all in one easily accessible system.

  • Catalog and organize your intellectual property modules (IPMs)
  • Rapid-build designs to meet demands of your customers
  • Rapid evaluation of new technology and modules within historical designs
  • System-level simulations for design validation
  • Web-based environment
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IntelliConX™ + Orchestrate provides a new method to decrease time to market and development costs while removing traditional barriers to design. Sign up for an account to try it for yourself.