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Concertal Systems at DAC2018

Concertal Systems, Inc. ( is pleased to announce its upcoming participation at the DAC (Design Automation Conference) in San Francisco, CA, TX  to be held June 24th-28th, 2018.

Visitors to booth 2357 will be able to see Concertal’s patent pending SDA (System Design Automation) technology, which allows users to build and simulate new designs in minutes using web-based collaborative environment and leverages IP reuse.

“DAC is the absolute best venue to introduce our SDA solution to the market. With new devices continuing to grow in complexity, it is more important than ever for customers, developers, and suppliers to become more productive by working closer together. Concertal System’s capabilities offer the DAC audience a method of automating the front-end design effort that has only been dreamt about until now,” indicates Bob Ledzius, CEO Concertal Systems.


IP Reuse..IP SoC Days 2018

IP SoC Days 2018

IP Reuse for the Masses through System Design Automation

Interview with CEO, Bob Ledius at IPSoC Days 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, USA


Patent Filed

February 15, 2018 | Concertal Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the filing of an official patent application for their SDA (System Design Automation) solution. This application replaces the provisional patent application Concertal filed last year. The invention enables the rapid design and verification of new SoC (System-on-Chip) devices. As designs continue to become more complex, the invention addresses the growing need for improving lengthy design cycles, out-of-control development costs, and unreasonable market risks in the semiconductor industry.

Other than a common web browser, system developers need no installed software to begin, build, and simulate new SoC designs. Required IP functionality is simply selected and Concertal automatically generates the fully integrated functional design, including test bench and user documentation. Highly flexible, extensible, and configurable designs are ready for system simulation within minutes, rather than months.

Simulation control is realized through a relational database that manages both functional integration characteristics and functional verification test cases. This allows Concertal’s method of SoC development to quickly regenerate an optimized design for the intended collaborative operation of IP in the SoC, completing the front-end design flow before it is handed off to a back-end team.

It is important to Concertal Systems to deliver SDA capability in a way that will provide options for the semiconductor industry to work as a more productive community. It is the team’s goal to enable new devices to be delivered in half the time, with half the resources, at half the total development costs.

For more information and  a demo, contact Concertal Systems, Inc.


Reflections on 2017: Design and EDA

Reflection on 2017: Design and EDA

...One such tool was announced by Bob Ledzius, president and CEO of Concertal Systems, whose company had been prototyping such a system. “At the beginning of the year we already had prototyped the difficult aspects of the technology, so the team was confident in our eventual success to productize it. The biggest issue we faced was deciding what features are critical for a first release, and deferring the rest of the ideas for a later time. (click title for complete article)