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Concertal Systems, Inc. ( is pleased to announce its upcoming participation at the DAC (Design Automation Conference) in Austin, TX  to be held June 18-22, 2017.

Visitors to booth 1421 will be among the first to see Concertal’s public unveiling of their patent pending SDA (System Design Automation) technology, which will  allow users to build and simulate new designs in minutes using cloud-based collaborative environment through the highest levels of IP reuse.

“DAC is the absolute best venue to introduce our SDA solution to the market. With new devices continuing to grow in complexity, it is more important than ever for customers, developers, and suppliers to become more productive by working closer together. Concertal System’s capabilities offer the DAC audience a method of automating the front-end design effort that has only been dreamt about until now,” indicates Bob Ledzius, CEO Concertal Systems.

DAC visitors desiring to schedule a personal or group demonstration are invited to contact Concertal Systems, Inc. using the form below: 

February 3, 2017 | Concertal Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the filing of a provisional patent for their SDA (System Design Automation) solution. The invention enables the rapid design and verification of new SoC (System-on-Chip) devices. As designs continue to become more complex, the invention addresses the growing need for improving lengthy design cycles, out-of-control development costs, and unreasonable market risks in the semiconductor industry.


Other than a common web browser, system developers need no installed software to begin, build, and simulate new SoC designs. Required IP functionality is simply selected and Concertal automatically generates the fully integrated functional design, including test bench and user documentation. Highly flexible, extensible, and configurable designs are ready for system simulation within minutes, rather than months.


Simulation control is realized through a relational database that manages both functional integration characteristics and functional verification test cases. This allows Concertal’s method of SoC development to quickly regenerate an optimized design for the intended collaborative operation of IP in the SoC, completing the front-end design flow before it is handed off to a back-end team.


It is important to Concertal Systems to deliver SDA capability in a way that will provide options for the semiconductor industry to work as a more productive community. It is the team’s goal to enable new devices to be delivered in half the time, with half the resources, at half the total development costs.


For more information and  a demo, contact Concertal Systems, Inc.



Concertal Announces Release of System Design Automation Capabilities

Concertal Systems, Inc., Allen, Texas, announced initial release of its new System Design Automation (SDA) technology. The company provided an early glimpse of their patent pending SDA capabilities at DAC-54, demonstrating the unique ability for system developers to quickly move from concept to commencing full chip synthesizable RTL simulation using only a common web browser, without writing any code or requiring any chip design expertise. The announced SDA release marks the successful completion of their start-up R&D effort, and provides the company’s first stable product offering to early adoption partner companies.

“Leveraging from high levels of IP reuse, Concertal SDA provides the first holistic approach to front-end FPGA and SoC (System on Chip) design” states Bob Ledzius, Concertal CEO. “We completed over 50 simple chip builds demonstrations at DAC, where we received important feedback from a full spectrum of prospective users. Our initial SDA release includes valuable new features that address expressed user needs.” Several new feature examples include:

  • clock, reset, and standby IP support for low power management
  • high-level behavioral C/C++ IP modeling support
  • C/C++ IP bench command modeling inheritance
  • improved product delivery security features and product delivery options

The company has also worked to understand and provide guidance to customers that require dove-tailing new designs into in-house UVM flows and partitioned public/private network infrastructures.

Concertal’s SDA technology engages with new design work at the earliest conceptual stage of design, automating IP functional integration and high-level verification, and further benefits IP management, back-end design flow activities, and end-silicon customer relationships.

For more information, visit or contact Bob Ledzius, Founder and CEO

AUSTIN,TX — Concertal™ Systems will demonstrate a cloud-based System Design Automation (SDA) platform for designing and simulating new system-on-chip (SoC), application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and field programmable gate array (FPGA) designs at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Booth #1421.

“Design complexity, development costs and time-to-market demands are more challenging than ever, driving the need for rapid exploration and higher levels of design automation and verification,” says Bob Ledzius, founder and chief executive officer of Concertal. “With over 25% of new designs now containing more than 50-million gates, SDA provides a way to manage out-of-control design and verification costs due to increasing design complexities.”

Introducing Concertal SDA

SDA leverages the growing use of intellectual property (IP) in system design. Automated IP integration and verification design capabilities provided through a collaborative web interface addresses higher levels of design automation and the need for the industry to work closer together, both within and beyond traditional organizational boundaries.

Concertal’s patent-pending SDA provides a platform that includes methods of operation, architecture implementation, and tools to functionally connect IP. Together, this allows representing the SoC in a relational database accessible through a web browser that can drive server-side automated full-chip IP integration and verification. SDA simplifies and accelerates the build and simulation new designs, opening the door to expanding front-end chip design to those without deep design experience.

The Concertal team will demonstrate SDA on the DAC exhibit floor June 19-21 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Demonstrations can be scheduled by making requests through email to, or contacting Bob Ledzius directly at

The ESD Alliance’s Assistance

In launching SDA, Ledzius commended the Electronic System Design (ESD) Alliance, an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem, for its critical role in the development and delivery of the product. “The Alliance events promote opportunities to better understand the semiconductor design ecosystem’s common challenges. Bob Smith has been especially helpful, serving with the Concertal advisory team and helping us to define how SDA can be delivered for the industry to innovate together.”

About Concertal

Concertal Systems, Inc. provides the industry’s only cloud-based system design automation (SDA) capabilities for rapidly building and verifying new semiconductor intellectual property (SIP)-based designs in a collaborative environment using only a web-browser. Founded in 2016, Concertal of Allen, Texas, is made up of dedicated and experienced semiconductor professionals passionate in providing tools to support the IoT, automotive, industrial, and data center markets. For more information, visit:


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