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Posted on 12 August 2016

August 12, 2016 | Concertal Systems announces that it has held a successful first meeting of its early stage Advisory Council to explore the relevance and need for System Design Automation (SDA) within the Semiconductor industry.  Obtaining early feedback from experienced semiconductor industry individuals is crucial to ensure that the company is focused on the right problems, and to make sure that future solutions are delivered in the most acceptable manner. This week’s meeting affirmed that Concertal is addressing problems which are impacting the entire new product development eco-system of the industry. Council members indicated that if Concertal can succeed with bringing high-level SDA to the market, it would be significant and welcome.

Council participants include semiconductor industry leaders and participants representing a wide range of personal perspectives.

  • Bob Smith, Executive Director, Electronic System Design Alliance, and previously held senior leadership marketing and business development roles at companies including Synopsys, Magma, and Uniquify.
  • Ron Clark, Founder/CEO, Xccel Capital. Ron has also held senior leadership GM/VP roles at Maxim Integrated.
  • Paul Wheeler, VP, Dialog Semiconductor previously serving Product Line Manager and Director roles at Texas Instruments, D2Audio, and Analog Devices.
  • Leng Ooi, Senior Staff HW Engineer, Google previously serving Apple and Creative Labs.

In addition to Advisory Council views, Concertal also has been seeking early feedback from a variety of companies, individuals, and organizations representing various links in the entire semiconductor development chain as early stage development of their SDA solution continues, including Mike Frazier who previously held senior VP/Director roles at Xilinx. Not surprisingly, common threads include the need to reduce time to market (and time to revenue) for development of new innovative products in areas such as IoT and distributed system IC solutions, as well as finding creative ways to accomplish more with less as SoC devices continue to become more complex. Some of the experiences and views expressed include:

“It’s very frustrating when you see large companies that have the IP you need but are unable to bring it together in a unique way that can meet our needs. What Concertal is proposing would change everything for us.”

“I’ve worked with a team where we spent a lot of time and effort trying to automate the building of new designs from IP. We decided that the problem was too difficult and gave up on it. If Concertal can do this it’s kind of like the Holy Grail of SoC design.”

“Today it takes too long to bring new products to market, and development budgets don’t allow scaling of resources to grow as required. SDA capabilities would be a potential game changer for us.”

“Today, the complexity of new chip designs is creating problems that the industry is just not able to handle well. Thinking about system design in this unique way can really help the industry move forward. I think what you’re doing is very important to the industry.”

The industry realizes that existing design methods don’t scale and are too expensive for today’s highly complex parts. The Concertal vision to automate the front-end system design effort may be difficult for some designers to accept, but cutting development costs in half while cutting time to revenue should win in the end. Also, as IC suppliers increasingly steer customers to older catalog parts, the customer appetite for new innovative differentiating chips isn’t being satisfied.

SDA will simplify new product development so that end customers can take the reins for initial chip development, potentially creating an entirely new customer base compared to today’s existing EDA base. This would enable valuable designer resources to be focused in developing better IP and getting more new parts through the development pipeline.



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