Concertal Presents At IoT SIG Breakfast Meetup EVENT

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Posted on 04 January 2020

Join us at on 17JAN2020 for the IoT SIG Breakfast Meetup.

Digital transformation has arrived with 20+ billion connected devices today and over 75 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. Many new IoT devices require differentiating features to support increased ML/AI edge processing and improved security capabilities that only new custom chip designs will be able to offer. Unfortunately, new chip development can be a long, expensive, and risky process for system product developers.

Concertal Systems makes developing custom chip solutions attractive to system developers. Concertal’s platform provides companies that can benefit from custom SoC and FPGA designs a competitive advantage: delivering designs faster, at a lower cost, with less risk. At the earliest conceptual stage of product development, chip definers intuitively and automatically generate new customized ML/AI friendly designs without expensive software installs or expert integration engineering talent. Concertal is disrupting the design process with front-end automation that removes development roadblocks that have historically delayed bringing new products to market, enabling valuable engineering resources to focus on feature richness and performance.

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